Friday, 18 November 2011

Thank you everybody

Hi Readers,

Many thanks for all your encouragements and congratulations.

The end of the trip was both elating and a bit sad that the journey is over.

Thanks to all those that made this possible, it was a joint effort and I've put a sticker on the bike that says "We crossed the Nullarbor".

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Day 23 - the Last Day 70km

North Beach with Indian Ocean behind.

Day 22 Cunderdin - Chidlow 125km

Good tailwinds today. Even though the Great Eastern Highway - Route 94 - became wider and smoother, the trucks no longer moved over, especially when there was an overtaking lane. I was happy to be off that road and on the railtrail.
Camped near Chidlow at Lake Leschanaultia which was a beautiful place to camp.
The rail trail to Midland went through the John Forrest National Park, and was mostly downhill. It was a joy to scoot on that track than ride on the highway.
I set a new speed record of 49km/h downhill back on the highway.
Peter who has been on the road for seven years! (Northam)

Last night of camping at Lake Leschanaultia 

Monday, 14 November 2011

Day 21 Merredin to Cunderdin 108km

Just a short message:
Headwinds, good road - wide and smooth.

Will ride from Cunderdin to Northam (56km) , then take the Kep bike track to Woroloo , then the Rail reserves heritage trail to Midland. I'll stay in Midland on the 15th, and make the final dash to the Indian Ocean on the 16th. Barring bottles.