Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Day 22 Cunderdin - Chidlow 125km

Good tailwinds today. Even though the Great Eastern Highway - Route 94 - became wider and smoother, the trucks no longer moved over, especially when there was an overtaking lane. I was happy to be off that road and on the railtrail.
Camped near Chidlow at Lake Leschanaultia which was a beautiful place to camp.
The rail trail to Midland went through the John Forrest National Park, and was mostly downhill. It was a joy to scoot on that track than ride on the highway.
I set a new speed record of 49km/h downhill back on the highway.
Peter who has been on the road for seven years! (Northam)

Last night of camping at Lake Leschanaultia 

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  1. Great photo of the sunset...a challenge for any camera
    You will have a good album at the end of this trip.
    Cheers and congrats for a great achievement...Roger